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We have agents that handle both Palm Beach and Broward Counties and are willing to find you the perfect home in any price range. 


 Whether you have a portfolio of properties you're moving, or if you have just a single home, we'll connect you with potential buyers and will guide you through the sale process.



No business is an island – we know that better than anyone. We're always looking for complementary services to offer our clients.


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After starting his first business in 1998, David Koch quickly realized his calling was to own his own business. He has owned Landscaping companies, partnered with general contractors and had his Real Estate license for over a decade.


Foundation Real Estate has an agent for you, look through our list of agents and decide who you would like to help you with your real estate needs.


we're more than just your broker - we're your partner

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Buying a home is difficult and complicated – Use our years of knowledge and expertise to help you through the process.